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Who is Dave Davy and what is this blog about?

Hello and welcome to my new blog!
Living in a handstand

I've been wanting to start something like a blog for a while now - to help get quality information out there to everyone interested in handstands. My purpose for this blog is basically two-fold. To share a bit of my journey and to get information out there in regards to handstands, the principles behind them, how to train them, what makes them work and such - plus get a bit of information on other skills and tricks I am passionate about, but the vast majority of this blog will be directed towards handstands.

So who is Dave Davy then? Well the short answer is, me! I'm Dave Davy!

Okay so a bit more detail on the matter. Brace yourself for a brief overview of the story which brought me to handstands...

Handstanding by the Yarra - looking across at Melbourne

I was born in Adelaide, South Australia and from a young age, I was a pretty passionate sports fan, in particular for Australian Rules Football and Cricket. I played those two through my youth - and a bit of social basketball, and started to really get into cricket. I was always the smallest kid in school, short and extremely skinny so playing football was a challenge and I sustained many injuries. After school however (when I was much taller) I played at my older brother's cricket club, where I played to a pretty decent level as a fast bowler. Over time though, I started to become disenchanted with the club and found my enjoyment was fading and I began to look to other things. Other things being Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing.

I really loved training Muay Thai, the gym and the people I trained with were amazing, and I found myself practicing at home, shadow boxing and practicing everyday. Through kick boxing I started to meet some really strongand amazing people, and I started to really develop an interest in strength training and skill training - in particular, gymnastics. This led me to starting to look at body-weight training specifically, and then I saw Ido Portal doing his thing.

Looking back now - it is obvious that it was the handstands that got me interested in his stuff, but at the time, I was really blown away by his style and the things he could do. So in 2012, I packed up and went to Movement Camp in Berlin - which was a life changing experience for me. I couldn't handstand very well yet, but I was determined to try them 50 -10000 times a day, and even after movement camp finished - I traveled around Germany handstanding everywhere I could.

What one of my successful handstands looked like when traveling Germany - taken in Nuremberg

Returning from Germany I started getting right into rock-climbing and handstands even more. I was starting to get consistent and was starting to look at things like press to handstand. 2013, I sought out Yuval Ayalon and did online coaching with him for a few months to improve my handstands, and I saw my way to a NICA workshop in Melbourne, where I met some amazing circus people From witnessing the amazing things people were doing, I started wanting to join the circus. I went to 2013 Movement Camp in Singapore. By the end of 2013, I was starting to realise that it was handstands that I was passionate about, not movement as a whole, and so I quit my job and left Adelaide, moving to Melbourne with a single minded goal of becoming a handbalancer. While I still liked climbing, kick-boxing and everyone I had begun to notice that that was all a complete back seat to handstands.

In 2014 I began to get really serious about handstands - getting as regular private lessons as I could, training at a short term Circus Course (Spin Circus Acadamy) and training every day, by half way through the year, I was training handstands 4 hours a day and I haven't looked back (except when doing head in handstands.). I've been training hard to become a performer, with goals to be an excellent handstand performer and an excellent teacher.

My first show - thanks Ben McNamara for the lovely shot.

So that hopefully answers the question of "how did I get into handstands" and I hope that gives you a nice little intro on what to expect from this blog!

Until next time!

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